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IMS Recruitment has over a decade of experience in placing medical personnel in some of the UK and Ireland’s most prestigious healthcare organisations.

We have roles in numerous public (NHS) and private organisations for doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals.

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We recruit both medical staff with either no, or some, previous experience of working in the UK and Ireland.

In many cases, some of our clients will happily accept candidates with no previous British or Irish experience.

So if you have no experience of working in the UK or Ireland and are looking for a change or you are contemplating working here for the first time, we would like to hear from you.

Please review our job opportunities to ascertain if there are positions of interest which you may wish to apply for.

If there are no jobs listed that you feel are relevant to you, please send us a detailed cv and advise what you are looking for. IMS has new medical jobs constantly occurring throughout the UK and Ireland.


For the majority of IMS’s clients in the UK and Ireland it is essential that candidates either have obtained (or applied for) registration in advance of trying to apply for jobs.

IMS therefore recommends that candidates start applying for registration if they are interested in working in either country.

UK GMC Registration  
IRELAND IMC Registration  
UK NMC Registration  
IRELAND ABA Registration  

For GMC Registration, IELTS language test is now a requirement (since June 2014).
IELTS is run by The Britsh Council;

For more information and assistance on passing IELTS, please go to the following website: where a lot of helpful information may be found on how to prepare for IELTS.



For further information on working overseas and issues relating to registration,

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