Medical Staff

IMS Recruitment - Terms of Business for Clients

IMS will endeavour to work professionally towards recruiting suitable staff as per the requirements detailed by the client.

IMS will endeavour to find suitable candidates for a client, but gives no guarantee that it will be able to find any candidate for any role that a client may request its services. Nor will IMS guarantee that any recruitment result will occur within any specific timescale. Signing a contract with IMS does not obligate IMS to deliver any candidates and no client has any recourse if candidates are not subsequently employed by IMS.

IMS shall endeavour to ensure the suitability of the candidate and to maintain a high standard of service and integrity but gives no warranty as to such suitability. The client shall undertake is own recruitment procedures, as it deems necessary, to satisfy itself of the suitability and the performance capability of the candidate and is responsible for all matters pertaining to a candidate’s being legally employed in any country.

The client will only have recourse against IMS in the event IMS deliberately misrepresents a candidate and/or the candidate’s qualifications and capabilities to the client.

IMS will not bear any responsibility for any costs incurred by a client in the course of the recruitment process (unless previously agreed in advance). Nor will IMS be liable for any costs incurred by a client resultant from the performance (or otherwise) of any candidates that it supplies to a client.

IMS will charge its fee for any candidates recruited by a client for any contract given to one of its candidates be they permanent employment, locum or contract employment. The client will be made aware of the fee in advance.

IMS will supply a contract that will apply whether signed (or not). IMS’s contract terms will apply if the client makes any request or response for further information on any candidates that subsequently are recruited by the client.

If a client accepts the financial terms regarding a proposed fee (either verbally, in writing or by email from an employee of IMS), then this is regarded as acceptance of IMS’s terms of business. As such, IMS will be remunerated accordingly and will apply whether any contract has not been signed by an employee or officer of the client.

Arbitration is the preferred route for the settlement of any dispute. IMS will nominate appropriate arbitrators for this purpose if any dispute were to arise.

Contracts are subject to UK commercial law and unless IMS determines otherwise, any disputes will ultimately be settled in a UK court.