Medical Staff

IMS Recruitment - Terms of Business for Applicants applying to IMS

Candidates Submission of Details

As a candidate seeking a position via IMS Recruitment, that by applying to IMS Recruitment, it is accepted that any information submitted to IMS Recruitment in the UK (and to any overseas representative of IMS Recruitment) will be retained and utilised by IMS for the purpose of obtaining a position with an employer or employers in various countries. These countries include (but not exclusively) those of the UK, Ireland, Germany and The Middle East.

It is acknowledged that curriculum vitae and other submitted details will be sent to potential employers and to other recruitment agencies that work with IMS. By submitting any details to IMS it is hereby explicitly accepted that these are solely for the purposes of IMS Recruitment obtaining a candidate suitable employment.

IMS Liability

IMS will take measures to obtain candidates suitable positions but that IMS is under no obligation to take such measures. It is also accepted that IMS does not give any guarantee that it will be able obtain any suitable position. For any candidate applying to IMS, there is no obligation either commercial, financial or legal on behalf of IMS to any candidate that approaches IMS for assistance in finding any employment contract.

IMS is not liable for any costs that are incurred by any candidate and it is explicitly accepted that all costs incurred in trying to obtain a position with the assistance of IMS are not IMS’s responsibility.

Acknowledged is the intention of IMS Health Recruitment to only refer candidates to suitable and reputable employers. However IMS Recruitment takes no responsibility for any contractual issues between employers and employees and that any issues pertaining to any employment contract are between the employee and the employer.

Communication with IMS

It is agreed that IMS Recruitment will be informed within five days, if any employer or agency introduced by IMS either employs or communicates with a candidate with regards to employment offers. Also it is agreed that candidates will immediately inform IMS with regards to any circumstances that may affect the taking of any employment offer deriving from IMS. Upon request, all candidates must supply a copy of any employment contracts.


It is acknowledged that IMS Recruitment may contact any referees that have been provided with regards to information on current and previous employment.


IMS will only disclose details of candidates to potential employers (or agents) with the sole aim of finding a suitable position.

Any information about positions that candidates have been made aware of by IMS is confidential. Such information is not to be further supplied to third parties. Candidates can neither approach (nor be offered employment) by employers directly that IMS, in the first instance, has informed a candidate about.

Charging for Services

IMS will not charge candidates for its recruitment services.