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Medical Staff Wanted for Middle East hospitals

IMS has unrivalled experience in meeting the recruitment needs of prestigious hospitals throughout the Middle East. We are permanently looking for candidates seeking opportunities in working in the Middle East . We have been working with the leading hospitals in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Kuwait, Qatar, Libya and Oman since 2002. Since then we have supplied many European (and other international) candidates to clients in these top healthcare organisations. Primarily (but not exclusively) our clients are seeking candidates with qualifications from, and experience in, western countries and have obtained licenses from western countries.

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Who do we recruit?

  Doctors Nurses Midwives Pharmacists
  Physiotherapists Dentists Occupational Therapists Medical technologists

We are permanently recruiting medical staff from across the world (in particular from EU countries). IMS is constantly looking for all kinds of medical personnel at all grades and levels of experience. For doctors, the vast majority of the roles we are able to offer are for consultants with western board qualifications.

All candidates must speak fluent English.   Arabic is also an advantage.

All our Middle East clients offer:

  • Excellent Salaries
  • Tax free salaries
  • Free accommodation (or allowance)
  • Good holiday allowances
  • Other benefits

Middle East hospitals offer candidates the chance to earn tax-free salaries as well as excellent working conditions in very modern hospitals with the most up to date technology. As well as tax-free salaries, candidates normally receive free annual flights home and free accommodation. The terms offered vary depending on country, hospital and specialism. With regards to salaries and the packages on offer, generally the highest salaries are to be found in Qatar and Saudi.


Many countries in the Middle East will accept registration from your home country to start the application process.

Having obtained registration in the above countries will not guarantee any candidate a job. However having registration greatly enhances your chances of employment in those countries. Alternatively not having registration means that for very many roles, candidates will be ineligible to apply as having registration will be a prerequisite before applying.

For the various Mid East countries that IMS recruits for registration requirements vary. Generally;

  1. For the UAE, registration obtained or registration applied for is now becoming the norm prior to any job application.

  2. Will not be required before a client will review a cv (eg Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar). Registration will be required after a job offer has been made and attained before a candidate starts work.

  3. Some clients accept candidate’s home country registration and there are no further registration requirements (eg Libya).

For more information on registration in Middle East countries please read:


The following Youtube videos should give you further insight into how to apply for registration:

Applying for a DHA Licence
Signing up for Prometric Exam
Prometric Exam for Nurses
Applying for HAAD Dataflow

For further information on working overseas and issues relating to registration, contact info@imsrecruitment.com




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