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Employers of Dentists / Tandarts / Zahnarzt

IMS has recruited medical personnel for staff for clients throughout Europe.
In recent years we have been recruiting doctors, dentists, pharmacists,  nurses and clinical rsearchers for clients in European countries as diverse as Malta, Germany, Switzerland, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Greenland, Sweden and Luxembourg.

With IMS having created huge databases of candidates and constantly marketing across Europe for new candidates, we have many multi-lingual candidates available that may be suitable and willing to take a new job anywhere in Europe. 

Many of our candidates are open to taking medical jobs in any European country.

Therefore if you are looking for European medical recruitment, then IMS should be able to assist.

For an informal discussion how IMS may be able to assist with your medical recruitment, please contact

Nick Sljivic
Managing Director
Tel: 0044 (0) 1928 739428

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