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IMS Recruitment - Our Code of Practice

Ethical Recruitment

Why both candidates and clients should feel confident about IMS’s policies on ethical recruitment:

  • IMS operates to the strictest ethical standards with regards to international recruitment.
  • We always treat our candidates and client information with utmost confidentiality
  • We do not charge (nor have ever charged) candidates for our services.
  • We offer impartial advice to candidates on their suitability to work in the UK, Ireland and Middle East.
  • We always try to be honest in informing candidates as to their chances of our being able to assist them in finding employment.
  • We have many contracts with different organisations and always try to offer candidates options with regards to employment.
  • For recruiters, we always try to offer a range of potential candidates, each who may best meet their particular requirements in order that they can chose the most appropriate for their needs.

IMS Recruitment is listed by The UK’s Department of Health under its 'Code of Practice for NHS Employers Regarding International Recruitment” as a company that adheres to its ethical policies on recruitment.

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