Medical Staff

Applying for a Job with IMS Recruitment

How to apply

To apply for any position via IMS, our clients require detailed CVs. IMS provides cv templates as below.

Please complete the CV templates provided (in MS Word format). CVs need to be as comprehensive as possible; the clients want to know as much about you as possible in terms of contact details, objectives, qualifications, experience, and language abilities. Save the completed cv and send a copy to IMS with short covering email stating briefly who you are and what you are looking for. For our administration it helps if you use your name and specialism in the .doc file name. IMS also strongly recommends that you spend time on ensuring that the cv looks presentable and contains as much relevant information as possible. Usually the cv is the only information on you that is sent to a client and therefore it needs to look professional in order to make a positive impression and increase your chance of being considered.

Available IMS Recruitment CV Templates:


Doctors - NHS CV
Pharmacists – Short CV
Nurses – Short CV
Dentists – Short CV
AHP – Short CV
Midwife - CV


Doctors - CV
Nurses – CV
Dentists – CV
Midwife - CV

Please include a photograph for all applications for the Middle East.


Lebenslauf Arzt
Lebenslauf Krankenschwestern



Instructions for completion and return

1. To use the CV form please click "FILE" and then "SAVE AS." Use

<<your name_ your specialism>

as the file name and choose an appropriate folder on your computer under "My Documents"

2. Complete the CV form and save to an appropriate folder on your computer.

3. When you have completed the CV form, email it as an attachment to

Please complete the CV in:
    • English for positions in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East
    • German for positions in Germany
    • French for positions in France

4. Once completed, email your CV as an attachment to:

If you have any questions, please email:

Please read our Terms of Business for applicants

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